Haiku y Senryu

Every time I visited places, some images apreared in my brain.
Images are like pictures, photos and....yes, Haiku Japanese poem.

Haiku, Senryu, Tanka, Waka...there are some types of Japanese poems.
It can be said, Senryu and Haiku are quite popular.

Haiku has some rules those must include a seasonable word and Kiri-go.
Senryu is more flexible to explain what your feeling are without specific rules.
Only it needs to keep 5.7.5

Recently Haiku rules are more flexble, my Haiku can be Senryu or Haiku sometimes.

There are "Salary men Senryu" in Japan.
It is very funny and well explanations of everyday life.

OK! Let's start to read (write) Haiku !

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